5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)

I felt glad I had Emma on my team

Emma handled my search for a home with diligence and professionalism. She put my interests first and offered valuable advice I would not have been able to gain on my own. There is only so much a buyer can do on their own and I felt glad I had Emma on my team.


Thank you, Dear Emma!

May I tell you what a remarkable experience I’ve had working with Emma and her team? I am one of those sellers that is “like herding cats” to work with. Emma must be a professional cat-herder and I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful. Her delightful demeanor, even though she is having to remind me (again) of something she needs, her very thorough and watchful eye on every line-item needed to complete this more complicated sale, and her team standing behind her all the way made this transaction quick, easy (for me), and seamless. Thank you, Dear Emma!


Thank you, Emma and the Emma Dow Team!

This raw land sale was very tricky! I was an Executor, not a family member, and the survey dated back decades and really sent us all scrambling for what to do! But Emma and her Team, and I must also give a shout out to Brent at Capital Title, and Meghna Patel, attorney, all came together in record time to discover all the property boundaries and to get this deal closed! As I sat around the closing table, I felt totally relaxed and confident that we had sold this property and that all the evasive “i’s” and “t’s” were dotted and crossed! This level of diligence is extremely important. Thank you, Emma and the Emma Dow Team!


We highly recommend!!!

Emma and her team did an outstanding job from start to finish in helping us determine what we needed to address in terms of repairs to the house, assessing the market, setting the price, evaluate offers, and adjust our expectations to rapidly changing market conditions. We highly recommend!!!


We had an excellent experience with Emma Dow

We had an excellent experience with Emma Dow She explained her rationale for listing price change and recommendations during negotiations. Things went very smoothly until right before closing, but she stayed on top of everything and was in constant communication to ensure we were able to close.


My pups and I have a home of our dreams

Emma had my back, and truly helped and guided me all the way through from start to finish even through the challenging moments of buying and selling both homes. Thank you Emma, my pups and I have a home of our dreams.


Thank you Emma team

I was very happy that I got to sell the home more that I had expected Emma helped prep the home to be in the market, and the home sold fast Thank you Emma team.


Emma's expert advice resulted in my house being sold quickly

Emma’s expert advice resulted in my house being sold quickly. As things moved forward, she responded immediately to inquiries and provided wise counsel during the negotiating phase.


Smooth transaction

Emma communicated well with the other Realtor resulting in a smooth transaction and offered clear guidance through out the entire transaction process.


It was such a joy to work with Emma.

Emma was top notch when selling our country home. She is so pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. Most every situation that came up she had an answer for and if she didn’t know the she would research and find the answer. She never left us hanging for questions we had. It was such a joy to work with Emma.








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